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Best-in-class productivity apps with intelligent cloud services that transform the way you work.

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Pains and How Microsoft 365 Helps?

Pain #1:

Collaboration Emails

Collaboration Emails doesn’t work well


Pain #2:

Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails, Secure access for mobile user


Pain #3:

Device Management

Ease of device management


Pain #4:

Connect with a sales agent

Digitalization of Workflow Resources


A complete intelligent, secure solution to empower employees

Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.


Unlock Creativity


Built for Teamwork


Integrated for simplicity

Intelligent Security


Office 365

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Gain access across devices, along with essential collaboration tools and apps.


Enterprise Mobility & Security

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Secure from the cloud for advanced identity, device management and more.

Windows 10

Windows 10

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Experience the familiarity of your desktop and operating system, no matter the device.

Introduction To Microsoft 365

Our world is changing around us and on so many levels. Every organization is going to be more digital tomorrow than it was today. And the pace is not slowing down. In technology, this creates incredible pressure and urgency. We can’t do things in the same way we always have.

The Future of Work

Empowering people and organizations to achieve more.

Fostering the future of work

Explore key trends shaping today’s workplace, and see how companies are fostering the future of work to empower people and drive business growth.


Insider’s Guide to the Modern Workplace

Get the most from Microsoft 365 with our guide and foster the future of work inside your
own organization.



Reimagining accessibility

See how organizations with Microsoft 365 technologies are building a more inclusive environment for over 1 billion people with disabilities.
Stay secure and productive anywhere, on any device, with identity and intelligence-driven innovations with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Discover how you can drive digital transformation using Microsoft 365.

Work Smarter and More Efficiently

See how a Sales manager use Office 365 to work smarter and more efficiently

Make Flexible Working a Reality

See how a HR Generalist helped make flexible working a reality


FAQ for Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365 Business?

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution that brings together best-in-class productivity tools, security, and device management capabilities for small to medium-sized businesses.

How much does Microsoft 365 Business cost?

Microsoft 365 Business is offered at USD$20.00 user/month based on an annual contract if purchased directly from Microsoft. When purchased through a Microsoft Partner, pricing can vary based on the services the partner provides and their pricing model for Microsoft 365 Business.

Can I combine Microsoft 365 Business with other Microsoft subscription offerings?

Yes, customers can combine their Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions with plans and add-ons from Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Office 365.

What should customers and partners know before running Microsoft 365 Business within their organization?

Customers that wish to experience the complete capabilities of Microsoft 365 Business must be running Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Pro2 on their existing desktops. Existing Windows 10 Pro PCs should be running Creators Update if they have not already done so.

Who should consider adopting Microsoft 365 Business?

Microsoft 365 Business was built for small and medium-sized customers that have little to no IT resources on staff and want best-in-class productivity and collaboration capabilities of Office 365 together with device management and security solutions that safeguard business data. The Microsoft 365 Business customer is ready to move their IT operations to the cloud and is interested in maintaining a proactive stance to help protect data on both company and employee-owned devices.

How can I get Microsoft 365 Business for my business?

Microsoft 365 Business may be purchased through a Microsoft Partner or directly from Microsoft. In choosing whether to purchase directly from Microsoft or via a Microsoft Partner, you should consider your on-staff capability and desire to maintain an IT infrastructure. A Microsoft Partner can help you deploy and manage your IT infrastructure including Microsoft solutions.

Can I switch my Office 365 plan to Microsoft 365 Business?

Yes, customers may switch their plans from a qualifying Office 365 plan to Microsoft 365 Business. Depending on the customer’s current plan there may be a decrease or increase in monthly charges.

What should you consider when planning a Microsoft 365 Business deployment?

The most direct path to a successful Microsoft 365 Business deployment is to engage with a Microsoft Partner. They have extensive training and experience with a wide variety of customer scenarios and are best equipped to understand your environment and needs. Customers that have experienced IT on staff can use the Microsoft 365 Business Getting Started to assist them in their Microsoft 365 Business deployment.

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