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Power BI Retail Template with
Dynamics 365 Business Central

For Big Retail Players All Over The World, Data Analytics Is Applied More These Days At All Stages Of The Retail Process

Taking track of popular products that are emerging, doing forecasts of sales and future demand via demand forecasting, optimal pricing, assortment planning and many others.

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    This interactive report allows to get quick insights into company sales, understand sales fact relationships and come up with smarter business decisions in the end. This report was built on exemplary retails sales data.

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    The data is loaded into Power BI to create several views that enable everyone from store managers to executives to gain insights into the performance of stores and products.

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    Easily see the sale or profit by different views such as Product Categories, Stores, and by Location.

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    This Power BI solution show cases a powerful self-service Retail Sales Dashboard for a famous retail store.


Sales Overview


Supplier Performance


Inventory Management


Product Performance


Store Performance


Promotion Analysis

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Install Microsoft PowerBI Desktop


Connect your Retail Database or Excel


Start Analysing the Insights

Data Requirements

  • Staff & Role – all the staffs in company warehouse or sales by their role
  • Customers –  about who orders products from the company
  • Suppliers – manufacturer or manufacturers who supply items for distribution
  • Stores – about the shop location and store area size
  • Promotions – the type of promotions during certain period and the discount offered for the order
  • Products, Category & Sub Category – all the items the company will be distributing with the details like purchase price, sales price, lead time, shelf space allocated for the product and others
  • Orders & Order Details – about both purchase order and sales order. Retailers purchase products from suppliers where the order will add the purchased items to inventory.

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