Business Continuity For Digital Business

All business continuity provisions involve hardware and software redundancy, data replication and some means of failover and failback. The Azure cloud offers redundancy at three layers: within data centers, within regions and across multiple regions. Within data centers, Availability Sets are used to distribute redundant servers across different fault domains located in different racks, which protects against failures at the server and rack levels.

Business continuity


When your applications have a catastrophic failure, run a second instance.

Every business is a digital business and the importance of technology as a driver for business value has never been greater and it goes along with this that when an outage occurs the impact has also never been greater. Last year wasn’t great for the aviation industry and many of us experienced this challenge directly

Database security center


When your applications have a catastrophic failure, run them in azure or a secondary datacenter.

Prevent downtime from disrupting your business, Simple automated disaster recovery from the cloud to protect applications. Provides application-consistent recovery of critical workloads and Leverage current investments. Orchestrate one-click recovery even for complex multi-tier applications.

Disaster Recovery service


When your data is corrupted, deleted or lost you can restore it.

Create virtual machines with fabric level protection. Direct-to-cloud backup of files and folders and Built-in protection against ransomware. Economical cloud pricing with pay-as-you-go storage, Move beyond tape and get unlimited scale and your information back quicker, Gain visibility into centrally stored remote office backups.

Business Continuity As A Service From INFOC

business connectivity service
Number 1

Analyze The Risks Involved In Every Businesses And The Type Of Incidents That Occurs In The Event Of A Disaster.

Number 2

Ensure That We Follow The International Regulatory Compliance And Create The Unique Business Continuity Plan.


With The Business Continuity Plan In Place, We Test It Periodically And Enhance The Plan To Overcome Any Kind Of Disasters.


Optimal Solutions For Business In The Event Of A Disaster And Helps Them To Be Up And Running With Minimal Downtime.

Disaster Recovery As A Service(DRAAS)

Businesses need to have a clear understanding of the possible unplanned outages that may bring the business operations down.

Every business should have the perfectly designed Disaster Recovery Solutions in place and tested successfully to ensure business continuity. Infochola provides faster disaster recovery solutions with minimal downtime. Major Benefits of DRaaS includes :

Automated Protection and Replication of Virtual Machines
Flexible Recover
Be protective what matters
Reliable Security and Predictable IT Costs
Ensure Maximum Business Continuity

Safeguard Your Business With Our Agile Business Continuity Solutions


We Strongly Believe In Analyze, Plan, Automate And Test The Unique Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions For Businesses To Stay Competitive.


Ensure That We Follow The International Regulatory Compliance And Create The Unique Business Continuity Plan.


Our Effective, Long Term Business Continuity Solutions Will Help In Reduce Your Business Downtime And Minimize The Loss Of Revenue & Data During The Disaster.

We Partnered With Microsoft, The First Hyper-Scale Cloud Provider To Achieve The ISO 22301:2012 – Certificate Of Registration.

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