B2B Integration with Trading partners to exchange AS2 and EDIFACT Messages

A well-planned and executed EDI system for B2B integration for Suppy chain with our implementation services help your organization achieve significant benefits, including improved data accuracy, reduced processing time, and enhanced data security. We help you to design and Implement EDI integration using Azure Logic App and API Services that meets your needs and enables you to exchange data with your trading partners in a secure and efficient manner.
Azure Logic App EDI

B2B (business-to-business) integration with trading partners involves exchanging messages between organizations in a standardized format. There are two commonly used protocols for B2B messaging: AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) and EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport).


AS2 is a secure and reliable protocol for exchanging electronic data between organizations over the Internet. It uses digital certificates for authentication, encryption for privacy, and message integrity to ensure that messages are not tampered with in transit.


EDIFACT is a global standard for electronic data interchange that is widely used for B2B messaging in Europe and other parts of the world. EDIFACT messages are formatted using a syntax that is based on the UN/EDIFACT standard, and they can be used to exchange a wide range of business documents, including purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications.

Microsoft Azure Cloud services in use

Logic apps

Integration account

Part of the Azure Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Pack (EIP) that is a secure, manageable and scalable container for the integration artifacts.

  • Certificates
  • Partners
  • Agreements

Key vault

Key Management – Azure Key Vault can also be used as a Key Management solution. Azure Key Vault makes it easy to create and control the encryption keys used to encrypt your data.

Certificate Management – Azure Key Vault is also a service that lets you easily provision, manage, and deploy public and private Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates for use with Azure and your internal connected resources.

API Management service

Publish APIs to external, partner, and employee developers securely and at a scale.

Azure Logic App

This is the major cloud service that enables AS2 EDI integration to schedule, automate, and orchestrate tasks.

Process and route orders across on-premises systems and cloud services.

Send email notifications with Office 365 when events happen in various systems, apps, and services.

Move uploaded files from an SFTP or FTP server to Azure Storage.

API Connections

API connections are used to connect Logic Apps to SaaS services, such as Office 365. It contains information provided when configuring access to a SaaS service.

Feature Of Integration Services

Apps-&-Integrations Solutions






Apps-&-Integrations Services - Infochola


Retail Business



Business Application Services

Application Integration

Sharing processes and data among different applications.

Messaging and Middleware

Enabling sending and receiving messages between distributed systems.

Data Integration

Combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information.

Seamless Cloud-Based Integration

Aiconcs Business Process Automation

Keep data and processes sync realtime

B2B Integration

Interact with customers, suppliers, and trading partners.

Hybrid integration

Connect and orchestrate applications with each other with On-premise and Cloud.

API Integration

Build Turnkey solution and publish APIs to external and internal customers.

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