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Infochola e-commerce connectors can start your e-commerce operation whether it is B2B or B2C within a few clicks and without much customization. Our eCommerce integrations enable digital customer experience, real-time integrations, unified pricing, and inventory management. The features are two-way integration of Customers, Products, Pricing, Order Fulfilment, and Return management, you also options of Real-time integration, Scheduled integration triggers, manually initiate the integration.
Number 1
Design and develop a custom-built NopCommerce store: Data analytics helps eCommerce businesses gain insight into what is happening in the business and can uncover important market trends and risks.
Number 2
Build a custom plugin: Understanding how consumers interact with a brand can inform what types of content, formats, and channels resonate with key demographics.
Integration with ERP/CRM: E-Commerce data analytics can give organizations a granular picture of what drives prices for each customer segment. That insight can help uncover the best price points at the product – not category – level to earn maximum revenue.
Dynamics 365 Business Central Ecommerce connector: Data analytics can help E-Commerce businesses measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, inform holistic marketing programs, gain more omni-channel traction, and improve decision-making.

Use Cases for E-Commerce Analytics

E-Commerce analytics give you the means to review your store’s recent activity, get insight you’re your visitors, analyze your online store speed, and analyze your store’s transactions.
Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard shows key sales, sessions, and conversions data. You can see briefly how your store is performing across all your sales channels, and for any date range. The dashboard shows the most valuable metrics that give you insight into the performance of your store and the behavior of your customers.

Average order value
Conversion rate
Sales by Sales channel
Sessions by location
Sessions by traffic source
Top products by units sold

Acquisition Analysis

Acquisition reports don’t show converted sales or the amount of orders – just visitors to your website. The data on acquisition analysis include the following:

Sessions over time
Sessions by location
Sessions by referrer
Sessions by social source
Sessions by traffic source
Sessions by device type
Acquision Analysis
Behaviour Analysis

Behavior Analysis

You can use the data in the behavior analysis to increase sales by arranging your store so that customers can find what they’re looking for, and that in the process they’re encouraged to make additional purchases. This analysis provides insights to your business about how to do the following:

Conversion Rate
Online store speed
Online store searches
Sessions by device type
Online store searches with no results

Cart Analysis

This analysis shows how you can track whether a user has actively removed a product from the shopping cart. You can still track whether a product has been actively removed from the shopping cart . In general, there are 4 predefined statuses that can be passed for a product:

Product viewed in list
Product detail viewed
Product added to the cart
Product purchased
Cart analysis
Customer Performance

Customer Performance

In this analysis, you can gain helpful insights about your customers, including their average order size, average order frequency, average customer value, average customer lifespan and customer lifetime value.

Customer Group
Customer Sales over time
Returning Customers
Average inventory sold per day
Class analysis by sales amount
Outstanding Remaining Quantity

Sales Performance

You can use sales reports to see information about your customers’ orders based on criteria such as sales over time, by product or by channel. This chart shows your sales based on the specific site that your customers are coming from. Indicates how the customer who placed an order reached your online store.

Sales over time
Sales by product vendor
Sales by traffic referrer
Sales by Customers city
Profit by product
Inventory Management
sales performance
Product analytics

Product Analytics

Product analytics provides insight into the performance of your products for the time period. This can help you understand who is buying specific products, how those customers came to your store, and how that product has been selling over time.

Product Sales:
Sales by channel
Sales Quantity
Sales Amount
Gross Profit

Site Usage analysis

Want to know which pages keep your visitors on your website the longest, or have the lowest bounce rate? You can see this quickly in this analysis. A few items down in the content menu from your top pages are your top exit pages. This will tell you how many people are arriving and exiting on a page.

Site Usage
Exit Pages
Page views
Investment Efficiency
Acquisition per channel
Site usage analysis

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