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Discover the benefits of an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

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Be protective what matters

Protect your business

Elevate and modernize your security, manage risk, and meet compliance standards with the trusted Microsoft cloud.

Enable teamwork and simplify workflow

Collaborate, meet, call, and connect business apps—all in one place with Teams.

Stay productive on the go

Easily transition from computer to mobile device with innovative and powerful mobile apps.

Harness organizational knowledge

Quickly turn data into insights and empower employees with the information and expertise they need to get their work done.

Manage all your endpoints

Deploy a seamless, end-to-end management solution and gain visibility across all connected devices.

Our workplace modernization Strategy

Our workplace modernization Strategy

Creating a new modern workplace is one reserved area where your businesses can drive company wide transformation. Inspiring employees, engaging customers, optimising operations, and changing the very nature of the company’s products, services, and business models.


By bringing Microsoft technology and products together in experiences and solutions, businesses are rethinking how they can unlock value for employees and customers.


Firstline Workers comprises 80% of global workplace. Engage with your customers, represent your brand and see your products in action.


Improved Collaboration And Information Sharing

Improved Business Processes And Outcomes

Efficient And Effective Online Meetings

Improved Security And Compliance Benefits

Reduced Help Desk Calls

Device Provisioning IT Time Savings

Reduced Security Solution Costs

Faster Time-To-Decision

Reduced User Downtime

Eliminated Collaboration Solution Costs

Secure Access To Work From Anywhere

Technology Cost Reductions

Mobility Service in Infochola


Empower teams to stay connected when on-the-go, Automate business workflow processes, Quickly & easily deploy pre configured mobile technology.

Security Data Services In Infochola Soltuions


Protect employee devices from web based threats, Ensure secure access to mission critical application, Protect against  malicious data loss.

IT consulting firms - Infochola Soltuions


Access applications and data from any device in any location, Leverage the cloud to run application, Bring the value of office 365 to business.

Collaborate With Team infochola


Unlock anywhere anytime, any device collaboration, enable real time communication with content creation, sharing and editing, consolidate legacy.

Modern IT Workplace

Modern IT is about providing the technology infrastructure to enable digital transformation and re imagining IT as a strategic partner that keeps people at the center and works alongside business leaders to create new strategic initiatives.

Support Multiple Device platforms

Enable employees access cloud-based business apps either from their personal or corporate-issued devices in a secure way.

Simplified User Experience

Enabling single sign-on and creating user profiles that provide all the tools employees need to be productive at their jobs.

Ensure Anytime, Anyplace Access

Information and tools to support flexible work styles and provide the right level of service for the right context.

Automate processes

Pre-configuring new devices, enrolling devices in MDM services, or configuring device groups based on user roles.

Customize Cloud-Based Solutions

Business needs using APIs and developing analytics to identify opportunities to improve IT operational effectiveness.

Create more Self-Service Solutions

Self-service enrollment of mobile devices to enable employees to to access the apps they need and work the way they want.

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